Project 668 : a link between employers and job seekers

EC trainees

Since its foundation in 2012, Project 668 has devoted its efforts to building a community of young and talented European professional. With the aim of helping them enter the job market, we provide information about job opportunities and we mentor and inspire their right inner drive and motivation.

Project 668 also aims at establishing direct connections between potential employers and our members, thus creating a win-win situation for both sides.

Our services

With the purpose of facilitating and boosting the exchange of young European talent, Project 668 offers*
*Please note that, unless differently specified, all events take place in Brussels

Project 668 organises thematic workshops to increase young professionals’ personal and professional potential, teaching them useful tips and tricks, all in a participative and friendly atmosphere based on the idea of sharing and learning from one another.

Project 668 also organises a wide array of webinars with high-level speakers.

Raise your visibility and position yourself as a subject matter expert by becoming a presenter at our thematic workshops and webinars. You will be able to share your knowledge and expertise with a talented and participatory audience. Send us a message to and we will get in touch with you.

Project 668 aims at facilitating exchanges between employers and young professionals.

Our job speed dating events offer the opportunity of a face-to-face meeting between our pool of young, multilingual and highly-motivated professionals and hiring companies. We can help companies find the most suitable profiles for their job vacancies by matching the skills and professional experience of our members with specific requirements.

Project 668 is organising Apéro meetings, the perfect place where you can get in touch with former and current trainees and network.

Our CV Café events give you the opportunity to receive personalised feedback on your CV. We evaluate not only the format and presentation of job seekers’ CV, but we also appraise their suitability and relevant skills to your company’s openings.

Project 668 offers to those who decide to join our Membership programme the chance to be receive a monthly newsletters including job offers and vacancies announcements, together with a selection of articles and tips on professional development; prior booking to the events with a maximum number of guests and discounts on the services provided.

Included in the Membership is also a CV check and/or, depending on the level of Membership, a career orientation session. Furthermore, the Membership grants access to the LinkedIn Group where you will have the chance to network, stay in touch with other professionals who can provide mentorship and be part of a international community of young professionals.