Partners and supporters of Project 668

EPA – European Public Affairs network

European Public Affairs ( is a network of the next generation of EU leaders to explain, discuss and analyse EU dynamics. The blog serves as a platform to foster better understanding of European policies and issues and the readership, both those familiar with the EU decision-making and non-specialists, span across all corners of Europe.



Trainees Committee

The Trainees’ Committee (TC) represents the trainees working at the European Commission and it is elected at the beginning of each traineeship.
The Trainees’ Committee plays two roles. First, it acts as a facilitator among the trainees and external parties, such as the Traineeships Office, the Directorate-Generals and other partners. Secondly, it provides trainees with the opportunity to enhance their traineeship experience by socialising and spending their free time with other stagiaires by coordinating different subcommittees. The subcommittees are created by the trainees and differ from session to session. They cover areas such as sports, culture, careers, charity and entertainment.
The Traineeships Office (TO) is the trainees’ first source of information and support regarding administrative and work-related issues. The TC also is in contact with external bodies and individuals in order to bring events and activities to life. These include, amongst others: EU institutions officials, venue managers, sponsors, travel agents, food/drink suppliers and media managers.


Internal Voices

The first issue of Internal Voices ( was published in 2007 as a print magazine for interns of the UN Regional Information Centre in Brussels. In 2009 it expanded to include UN interns across the globe, before narrowing its geographic scope in November 2012 to Brussels only, but also to include interns from other institutions.
They publish articles on a wide range of issues from a Brussels perspective. Within the ‘international issues’ section,  topics focus on anything from Europe to the environment, from human rights to health, and even culture or conflict.
The ‘intern life’ section is intended to provide information on life in Brussels for young working people. Here, Internal Voices will post information about upcoming seminars, conferences and social events as well as reviews of past events.



InternsGoPro ( is an umbrella organisation building a network of youth organisations having for mission to boost youth integration in the labour market.
They have created the European Label for Quality Internships and an internship-rating platform in order to help students and graduates identify the best employers in Europe. Doing so, they stand to improve the quality of internships and entry-level jobs.


PubAffairs Bruxelles

PubAffairs Bruxelles ( is a cross-sectorial network of professionals working in the fields of public and regulatory affairs correlated to the European Union.
This network aims at creating an open platform to foster debate, exchange of information and development of ideas among its members, establishing a diverse community which encompasses young as well as experienced professionals.


Old Continent

Old Continent ( is a communications agency based in Brussels.
It is specialised in branding Europe, working from concepts and ideas to the full production on web, print and video.




Cosmopolitalians ( gives students, graduates and young professionals free information regarding jobs, internships, scholarships and volunteering opportunities all over the world, especially in European and International Organizations. Cosmopolitalians is an independent project not affiliated to any organisation or institution.


BINGO – Brussels Interns NGO

BINGO, the Brussels Interns NGO ( ASBL, is a Brussels-based organization that promotes quality internships. It 1) offers internship-seekers and employers a platform to interact (The Roster of Interns), 2) provides the general public with information about (quality) internships in Belgium, and 3) serves as one of the main stakeholders in improving interns’ working & learning conditions.



eusf2017POLITICO – EU Studies Fair 2017

POLITICO’s EU Studies Fair is the largest educational and networking event in the world focused on graduate and postgraduate programs in EU studies, international relations, business, economics, public policy and law.
Since 1999, the EU Studies Fair has been a reference for world-class academic institutions to recruit top students from across the world for graduate and postgraduate programs. The two-day fair, held annually in Brussels, is a unique opportunity for students and young professionals to discover both academic and career opportunities. The EU Studies fair also features career seminars, personalized career counseling, guided tours of the EU institutions and university spotlights.


Mladiinfo International

As an initiative, Mladiinfo International promotes and mediates the communication between young people, students, professors, researchers, university officials, youth NGOs and all those involved in the educational process in Europe and worldwide.
The portal was created in 2008 by a group of young Macedonians motivated by their own positive international experiences, who committed themselves to helping other young people improve their education, meet new cultures and develop their skills through experience. Mladiinfo came into existence as a solution to the lack of access to information. Therefore, the website provides edited information on formal and informal education, volunteering, internship and job vacancies that can help youth gain priceless skills and knowledge for free, increasing their employability and prospects for the future.

GRASP – Global Romanian Society of Young Professionals

GRASP (Global Romanian Society of Young Professionals) was founded in 2008 at the initiative of a group of young Romanian students in Budapest. It’s an open network of young professionals and other organizations who share with us the mission to actively contribute in bringing a change in Romania through civic involvement, improving public policies, knowledge and know-how transfer, encouraging dialogue and public debates and supporting entrepreneurship.
In Brussels, GRASP has build a strong network of young professionals whose knowledge and experiences is an added value to both local society and to Romania.
The Global Romanian Society of Young Professionals in Brussels is happy to support local initiatives involving young professionals such as Run For Employment. Facebook Page

Access MBA – One-to-One MBA Tour in Brussels

Access MBA gives business professionals the chance to learn about leading international MBA programmes by speaking in person with representatives of some of the world’s best business schools.
September 29, 2016 – Brussels One-to-One MBA event Personalized Meetings with the World’s Top Business Schools.
By registering for the One-to-One MBA event, your profile will be carefully matched and selected for individual meetings with the business schools that correspond to your needs and expectations.

Skeeled is a software that supports companies in their recruitment process and allows job seekers to promote their employability profile in a much deeper way.
Each applicant will create a standardised CV, conduct a personality evaluation and pre record an interview based on standardised HR questions. The matching algorithm will create a link between job seekers and the best available job offer in the market.


IYPF – International Young Professionals Foundation

Established in 2001, the IYPF at present brings together over 14 000 members from more than 80 countries worldwide and at least 50 professional fields.
The organization was created to produce a global community of young professionals, aimed at creating a better world for current and future generations through local and global action.


International Perspective

International Perspective

International Perspective (IP, supports the personal development of students and graduates in pursuit of a career in international affairs by providing them with a range of opportunities. This voluntary association publishes an online magazine, hosts events, and is working on a guide with career advice called CVAid. Those interested can join the IP Crew to work together on these activities or create new projects. As such, IP transforms students’ and graduates’ passion for international affairs into professional action, and by doing so helps bridge the gap between education and employment.