About Project 668 - Mission, team and goals of our community


Our mission

We are a European community of young professionals aiming to fight youth unemployment through professional development.
We want to be the one stop shop of reference for our community to bridge the gap between young professionals and employers.
We chose sharing is caring as our motto solidarity, and we put passion and commitment at the heart of our business.


Our Goals

With our work we want to

  • Increase the employability of young professionals providing them with practical tools to learn how to land a job
  • Build a community where #SharingIsCaring is at the heart of all the activities
  • Increase cooperation among individuals, organisations, institutions and companies in Europe
  • Stand up for fair working conditions and make the fight against youth unemployment a priority


Our Team

We pride ourselves with a team of young professionals, coming from the most diverse backgrounds but with a common interest in fighting youth unemployment, who chose to devote their free-time to help others find their ways in the job market and pursuing their professional development.


Lidija holds a BA in Languages and Business and an Executive Master in Communication and European Affairs. She considers herself a true europhile, speaks four languages fluently and decided with a group of friends during her traineeship at the Commission in 2012 to fight youth unemployment by promoting professional development. The result was the creation of Project 668. This year, Lidija made it on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list in the Policy category for her work on Project 668.



Federica holds a BA in International Affairs and Diplomacy, a MA in Politics and Diplomacy and a Master in International Studies. She is a true believer of the European ideal and she was a BlueBook trainee in the Winter Session 2016. Involved in project management since the beginning of her career, she has now expanded her field of expertise towards business development and public relations.



Caroline carried out a traineeship at the EC in 2012. She joined Project 668 in November 2014.


Marie is a French lawyer specialised in Industrial Property and Competition law. She joined Project 668 in the EC Winter Stage 2012. Her motivation to be involved in it is to help members to build and enlarge their professional networks.

ceci project668

Cecilia is a Web Developer and Digital Project Manager. In January 2016 she joined Project 668 as Web Manager, taking care of the website maintenance and social media dissemination activities.

 Emma Rainey

Emma has been working in the Brussels non-profit sector for a number of years in the areas of child protection and gender equality. Her professional background is in project and event management, and she also writes her own blog. She joined Project 668 as she is a firm supporter in the organisations ethos and wanted to contribute to its activities.



In its 4 years of activity, Project 668 has been awarded with several awards and recognitions: namely,


Lidija Globokar, President and Co-founder of Project 668, made it on Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list!
about us - forbes 30 under 30


In April 2014 Project 668 won the ChallengeFuturecompetition, Europe Needs you for 4 JOB-Creation” 
change future






In March 2014 Project 668 qualified as finalist in the European Charlemagne Youth Prize






In the news

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